Traveling soon? Forget looking for a cab, try Uber!

uber2I first heard about Uber during a business trip to Philly for an EO Nerve Conference (Entrepreneur Organization). A number of my fellow EO members were raving about how awesome the service is. On our very first night, I was able to see a demonstration of just how easy and amazing the experience is. We ended up using Uber for everywhere we went that week and I’ve since downloaded the free app and have already seen that it works great here in Virginia Beach as well.

Uber is a cross between a high-end taxi service and having your own private driver who is available within minutes (sometimes seconds) of your request. And the good news is that the cost is very comparable to what you would normally spend on a cab fare and tip. Clear pricing is available BEFORE you make your request. And once you arrive to your destination, there is no need to deal with payment or tip to your Uber driver, everything is done automatically through your account. It literally feels like your own private driver service.

Just download the free app and you will immediately see all of the vehicles that are currently available within your area. In our experience in Philly, there were often cars sitting available as close as 500 feet of us! Then, just click on the “Set Pickup Location” button already positioned at your exact location or choose a different location of your choice. You will immediately see a picture of the driver who is assigned to you as well as his or her vehicle description and license plate for your safety. In our experience, you will then receive a call right away to confirm your request.

Depending on your area, you can choose from their affordable uberX service (better, faster and cheaper than a taxi), their uberT service (yellow Uber vehiciles available within moments) or the more common options of uberBLACK, UberSUV and UberLux, late model black vehicles that are super clean, stylish and only slightly more expensive than a cab, worth EVERY penny! All of their drivers go through background checks and are insured. Uber recently raised $1.2 billion in funding from a group of mutual fund managers, valuing the company at $17 billion.

Want to try Uber for free?

For a limited time, Uber’s giving new riders a free Uber ride (worth up to $30!).

Click here: to learn more.

Try Uber
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Kurt Noer

Kurt Noer is the CEO and founder of Customer Magnetism. Kurt has a passion to help other business owners grow their business.