‘Tis the Season at Customer Magnetism

Fa la la

Fa la la! Tree in the lobby!

So the day after December makes its way around to Customer Magnetism – Santa does too.

We moved into the new office this past June and have been working to make it our own ever since. A brand new sign even shines out front (it lights up now!), which is honestly a relief since daylight savings time was already starting to be a downer every evening.

Now as the holidays are upon us, the office feels like home. Rusty already had his multi-colored Christmas lights strung about his cubicle, but we can pretend for now that they aren’t a nearly year-round spectacle.

Last night after we left, or this morning before anyone got in, a team of super-secret office executives/elves decorated the place in true Santa form. We even had half a Christmas song play over the speakers this morning before most people admitted it might be a little soon. “Dead or Alive” will have to do for now (feel free to suggest work-suitable Pandora stations).

If you find yourself in the Customer Magnetism office any time in the next month, we’d be happy to spread some Christmas cheer!

christmas decorations

Consider the halls decked.