This Week on the Web: Twitter Headers Appear and Panoramic Photos Rock

Per usual, here are our highlights from this week on the Web. 

Twitter got a little more like Facebook this week! W00t! In a move that some have called the “Facebookification of Twitter,” Twitter released their newest feature: cover–I mean header–photos. It actually looks pretty sharp in their mobile app, but on the site it seems a little like Twitter is trying to fit in with the cool kids like Facebook and Google+, who have offered headers for quite a while now.

iPhone’s iOS 6 rolled out this week and while most people are apparently peeved at Maps, the coolest improvement we’ve seen so far is the ability to take panoramic photos. Forget Passbook–we’re not ready for Minority Report to be a reality yet. The panoramic photos are cool enough. Is this development enough to make Instagram consider adding some aged filters to panoramic shots of the sky or dinner?  One can only hope.

iPhone panoramic photo