This Week on the Web: Sandy Relief, How to Spend a Billion, & Changes Coming to Social Media

Back from its Halloweeny October grave, we bring you a new edition of This Week on the Web:

Helping Those Affected By Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy ravaged most of the East Coast in the days before Halloween. Many in the northeast have stepped up to help those affected, not just in NYC, but along the coast.

In fact, HyperVocal posted an awesome montage of people reaching out lend a helping hand. However, you can also do your part, by helping the Red Cross. The organization has donation information on their site as well, but you can also text the word “REDCROSS” to 90999. This allows you to make a $10 donation that shows up on your next cellphone bill. NBC-TV is also airing a special telethon Friday night (November 2), starting at 8 p.m.


True or False?
Google’s Matt Cutts addresses the idea of whether or not Adwords customers receive special treatment with organic search results. Hear what he has to say below!

How to Spend A Billion Dollars
Larry Kim of SEO Moz recently posted his analysis of $1 B that was spent on Adwords. This report also included an infographic of his findings. Kim has now posted his top five SEO strategies. They include actual cost per click based on Google’s top 10 industries, as well as how the average cost per click (CPC) seems to be on the decline. You can find the full list at SEO Moz.


HootSuite’s Newest Additions
HootSuite, the syndication service that allows you to update your status simultaneously across multiple social media platforms, has now added two more social networks to its list. HootSuite now supports the news list site Reddit, as well as StumbleUpon, a discovery engine. Read about the newest additions on the new additions.


The Time(line)s…They Are a Changin’
It’s no secret Facebook likes to make interface changes, just as users are getting accustomed to the previous ones. Now, Zuckerberg and Company are implementing another change, but this one may be for the better. According to Reddit, the site is testing out a new timeline, where posts appear in a single column.

Last December, Facebook unveiled its current timeline revamp, where stories and statuses appear in a side by side column format. However, many responded with jeers and just outright confusion. Could it be here to stay? Read more at Mashable.