This Week on the Web: More Algorithm Madness, New Facebook Actions, and the Future of (Not Provided)

If April showers bring May flowers, hopefully April algorithm updates bring something nice, too!

Now that the dust has cleared from the Penguin update, which rolled out April 24th, website owners can get a clear view of whether or not they were affected by the algorithm change. The Penguin update mainly focused on spammy link tactics and is said to have affected around 3.1% of all search queries. The previous update, Panda, narrowed in on quality content and affected 12% of queries. If those two updates weren’t enough, Google has been busy with about 50 more, just in the past month! As usual, they released all the official algorithm changes in their Inside Search blog.

Have you been plagued by the sadly vague (not provided) keyword data in Google Analytics? You’re not alone. As a privacy-protecting move, Google has blocked any keyword data when a user searches while signed into Google. Unfortunately, Mozilla recently stated that secure searching will soon be default. Mike Pantoliano over at Distilled took a look at what this might mean for the future.

Speaking of changes, Facebook made a change that should actually prove positive for most marketers/businesses. While liking everything has become the norm, it’s not always applicable or appropriate. Instead of “like,” “share,” and “comment” being the only options, app creators will soon be able to include their own actions. Marketing Pilgrim gave this example:

“ has added a “fave this product” action link. Netflix could add a “save to your queue” link. Spotify could put in a “add to your playlist” link. It’s simple but brilliant.” Brilliant, indeed!