This Week on the Web: May Algorithm Updates, Facebook for Kids, and Bing Steps Up

Google released their algorithm updates for May: 39 in all. Some of the changes include deeper detection of hacked pages, improvements to autocomplete on Mobile, improvements to Penguin, better detection of major new events, and updates to +Pages in right-hand panel. It’s probably safe to say we can all expect Google+ integration into the SERPs (Google+ Local is a great example) will only continue to improve/increase as Google pushes for Plus’s dominion over all social.

In other social news: how young is too young for Facebook? For years, 13 has been the official age cut-off for the social network’s membership. With all those tiny potential typing preteens out there,  though, Facebook is now considering options for kids to create accounts. Could this be a great learning technology opportunity for kids? Or a privacy/safety disaster?

Bing really outdid themselves with their announcement of Pheonix this week–a new set of webmaster tools to rival anything data Google has ever provided. Bing announced the news on their Webmaster Central blog:

We’re excited to announce a major change to the types of data and depth of guidance found in webmaster tools with our Phoenix update to Bing Webmaster Tools. This update includes a new, fresh user experience, a range of new tools including Link Explorer (beta) and SEO Analyzer/SEO Reports (beta), and updates to current tools such as our Keyword Research Tool (beta), and our URL Removal Tool, among others.

These tools, especially the SEO Analyzer and Link Explorer are amazing. Rand Fishkin over at SEOmoz had Bing’s  Duane Forrester in to Whiteboard Friday to talk about the additions. Check out the video below. It might be lengthy, but it’s worth every minute.

The best part of the whole deal is that with such impressive tools, Bing’s gigantic competitor Google will probably release improvements to their own Webmaster tools to top them. That sort of healthy competition is great for the likes of us!