This Week on the Web: Marissa Mayer, Links Still Matter, the Google+ API, and More

As usual, here are our highlights from this week on the Web.

Arguably the biggest news the week, Yahoo named Marissa Mayer it’s new CEO. We posted a blog on the announcement on Wednesday:

It’s no surprise that Mayer is now looking for the next challenge. While she hasn’t rebuilt a business from the ground up, her experience from Google should help her understand the unique needs of Yahoo and the challenges that the company faces. What does the future hold for Yahoo? Right now, only Marissa Mayer and her team know. Where will the company focus its efforts? Will Mayer be able to make Yahoo relevant again? Time will tell, but for the moment – and for the first time in a long time – the web is optimistic about Yahoo.

As much as social signals do matter in the great algorithm of search rankings, the authority himself, Matt Cutts, said that links still matter more. Check out why in the video below.

Facebook added the “Promoted Posts” advertising option a few months ago, not to be confused with the other alliterative ad option, “Sponsored Stories.” The folks over at SEOmoz tested the two methods against each other, to pretty clear results: they work well together. The Promoted Post on its own outshone the Sponsored Story in every metric except reach (where the Sponsored Story had nearly double the campaign reach), making Promoted Posts pretty appealing. However, with such a huge reach in Sponsored Stories, it looks like using the two together would produce the best possible results. Check out the rest of the data over at SEOmoz!

results from seomoz


We announced a giveaway this week over on our Facebook page. If you’re a developer or designer, check out this sweet UI pack from Design Modo, actually titled The World’s Largest UI Pack. How could you pass up a chance to win this thing for free?

Finally, if you’ve been holding tight to the old version of Analytics since they rolled out the new layout: it’s over. Now it’s time to move on. Your last chance to use the old version was this week, so make sure you get acquainted with all the new version has to offer (it’s a lot!).