This Week on the Web (March 19-23)

Is it just us, or is this month flying by? It seems like just last week that Facebook announced their release of Timeline  pages for brands, and yet, the Facebook-wide roll-out is already next Friday (which is oddly enough the Friday before April Fool’s Day). That said, this week’s news focuses more on another Internet titan: Google.

For all the website owners and SEOs out there who have anguished over the “not provided” keyword data in Google analytic served up because of signed-in searchers, it’s about to get worse. Firefox will now use Google’s secure search by default. However, all is not lost. Google’s main aim here is to push the Internet in a safer direction, and this is really a great incentive: if your site is secure, you won’t suffer from “not provided” doom.

Semantic search is another new thing coming in the Google realm. Basically, instead of just taking keywords and delivering results including those terms, Google will be looking for the meaning behind those words to ensure it provides the most relevant sites across the Web. “Keywords are easy to manipulate; intent, not so much,” wrote Mashable’s Erin Everhart. “In order to rank well in semantic search, you don’t just have to put your keywords in the right places, you have to figure out the actual meaning behind those keywords and create content around that specifically. That puts more emphasis on your keyword research.”

Also, just in case you thought Google might not rule the world someday, it just patented technology to serve ads based on “environmental conditions.”  Yes, it’s as unsettling as it sounds. Think Minority Report.

And because it’s hard to go a week without hearing something new about Pinterest these days, here’s the funniest, most practical Pinterest marketing article we’ve seen to date.