This Week on the Web (March 12-16)

It’s been unseasonably warm over here in Virginia Beach this week, so as we bring you the happenings of the Web on this Friday in March, it feels like May.

virginia beach ocean front

Photo courtesy of CM’s VP of Creative, Rusty James

First off, to help businesses get ready for the March 30 roll-out date of Timeline for brands we posted a free, downloadable Facebook Timeline Cheat Sheet! Brands now have visual opportunities previously unheard of on Facebook and to help keep all of that straight, we’ve created a Facebook cheat sheet template for Timeline over here at Customer Magnetism. Simply download the PSD file, or get it all in a zip, and you’ll be set without having to Google what the new dimensions are every time.

facebook timeline cheat sheet

 Timeline for brands will have a little more to offer than just a new layout, however. Facebook real-time analytics are on the way. Ad Age explained some of the new features with help from the folks at Facebook itself: “The best way to get engagement — whether likes, comment or shares — is for a brand to take actions that make its page more appealing to users. And the way to get there, Mr. Baser said, is through a constantly updated tally of how many people that content is reaching, how many people are interacting with it, and what form that interaction takes.”

Also, for any Posterous lovers, ReadWriteWeb reported on Twitter’s recent acquisition of the blogging platform. “Both companies promise that the service Posterous users know and love will continue operating as it always has, at least for the time being,” writes RWW’s , “but what’s clear from the language of Twitter’s announcement is that the acquisition was made for talent more so than technology or products.” In other words, if you’re a Posterous user–now would be a good time to back up that content.

So have you updated your brand to Timeline yet? What are you looking forward to the most with the new layout? Let us know in the comments below!