This Week On the Web: Jobs the Movie, the Knowledge Graph Boom, and a New Facebook Partner

Here’s your weekly recap of what went on in the wide world of the Web this week: 

The CM gang took a little field trip last Friday to see the new Jobs movie, starring Ashton Kutcher. And while it was a little strange seeing Kutcher playing something a little more serious than Kelsoe from That 70’s Show, it offered a fresh look into the precursor to the i-era.

Another week, another Googler SERP interface change is being tested: Google Sitelinks with Borders. The subtle change to search results leaves us with a border around sitelinks for branded search results.



52124d56da34a4.13752491Speaking of Google changes, a major Google update almost passed under the radar last month. Check out how it affected brands on the day the knowledge graph exploded… overnight. The morning of July 19th, Knowledge Graph somehow jumped from 17.8% to 26.7%, over a 50% increase!

Looking to create a content strategy? Only 652 steps?? PIECE OF CAKE! But seriously, content strategies take time and work but are beautiful, amazingly useful things to have. This is a great in-depth post illustrating it’s not quite as easy as just saying “create good content.”

content-influences shutterstock-facebook

Also announced this week: Facebook is partnering with Shutterstock in efforts to offer over 25 million FREE (that’s right–we said it, free) stock photos to advertisers. Considering Facebook photos generate 53% more Likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more clicks than the average post, this little partnership could be pretty handy to advertisers!

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Sydney Banks

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