This Week on the Web: Industry News, Social Impacts on SEO, and Terrible Stock Photos

As usual, we bring you our highlights from the week on the Web. This week is a particularly social edition. 

The folks over at SEOmoz released their 2012 Industry Survey data. Anyone in the industry, and even anyone wondering what Internet marketing agencies do every day, should definitely check this out. For instance, this chart shows what inbound tactics marketers are spending their time on by percentage:

2012 SEO Industry Survey

How do social signals affect search? That’s what everyone is asking all around the Internet these days. Adam Sherk wrote about five ways (annotations in the search results, personalized rankings, highlighting authors, AuthorRank) this week, and it’s worth a look.

Will Critchlow from Distilled also wrote about social signals and search this week, making the important distinction between correlation and causation. Basically, there might not be any causation between social signals and search (at least none that we can nail down for sure), but the ones we do see, including Adam Sherk wrote about, are correlative.

Just as predicted after Google pranked The Oatmeal–roll-outs of vanity URLs to Google+ power users has begun! If you’re not Wolverine, you’ll probably still have to wait a while, but it’s the first in probably many steps Google plans to take to continue the effort to make G+ competitive with Facebook.

Finally, Twitter has partnered with HootSuite to sell ads to SMBs.  Mediabistro’s All Twitter reported on it this week with a quote from TechCrunch.

Here’s a quote that TechCrunch received from a Twitter spokesperson as well as an anonymous source:

“As with all of our advertising efforts, we are being thoughtful and deliberate in how we roll out self-serve to all kinds of small and local businesses,” she said. “We are testing out various ways to roll out this offering, including offers to Twitter users by companies like HootSuite.” TechCrunch understands from a source that this is the first signal that “a deeper partnership between the two may be in the works.”