This Week On the Web: Google Plus Over Places, Facebook Promoted Posts, and Magic!

If it wasn’t obvious to start out with, it has become more obvious every day how much Google wants to make Google Plus happen. This week Google announced the integration of Plus and Places with Google+Local. Here’s a bit from Google’s announcement:

“From the new “Local” icon on the left-hand side of Google+, you can search for specific places or browse for ones that fit your mood. Clicking on any place will take you to a local Google+ page that includes photos, Zagat’s high-quality scores and summaries, reviews from people in your circles and other information like address and opening hours.

Google+ Local is also integrated across the other products you already use every day, including Search, Maps and mobile, so you can get the same great local information wherever you go.”

This also shows up in regular Google search results. Under each Map listing, you’ll now see a little “Google+ Page” link for every company that has a Plus page for their business. Pretty clever.


Facebook also made some pretty small, yet potentially groundbreaking changes this week. We recapped Facebook’s new easy way to create promoted posts  the very minute you post something.

The coolest update, though, is the ability to now schedule posts within Facebook! It’s a miracle. Look out, third party apps! Facebook is doing a pretty good job of offering everything you need right in one place.

Scheduling posts will definitely come in handy for marketers. And even though it will make things just a little easier, a really great post in SEOmoz this week took the time to remind everyone that Internet marketing and SEO aren’t easy. When it comes down to what matters, there aren’t shortcuts–just good old-fashioned hard work.

So get to it!