This Week on the Web: Google Moves Away from Keywords, Desktop Searches are Up, and a Major Flaw in Tumblr’s Security

Enjoy a quick overview of what’s happened on the web this week!

glassIs Google’s Glass still struggling with Wi-Fi security issues? While the QR code vulnerability fiasco seems to have been remedied, it now appears that hackers can pay to impersonate a Wi-Fi network. Let’s hope some steps toward thwarting this are being taken before the device is launched for public use.

We know keywords still play a part in search queries, as well as in the way Google and any other search engines will deliver you search results. But the trend seems to be pulling away from that- especially when in regards to Google. So what can we take from this knowledge? How about intent? Google doesn’t just want to serve you results based on specific words you search for, they’re looking into the why behind that search.

It’s apparent that the mobile  industry has been on the rise, but ComScore estimates that there were 19.2 billion “core” desktop searches last month. That’s down 4% from the 20 billion searches in May. BUT: it’s a 12% increase from June 2012. This gives desktop searches its fourth straight month of double-digit gains.comscoreIf you’ve ever logged in to Tumblr on your iPhone or iPad app while logged in on a public Wi-Fi connection, you’re probably going to want to change your password on the account- like now. According to a recent announcement from Tumblr, there was a privacy compromise that caused passwords to be available over public Wi-Fi.

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