This Week on the Web (Feb. 27- March 2)

It seems like February’s extra day this year made a big difference in just how big of a week this was on the Web.

The morning of February 29th heralded Facebook’s news that it would be rolling out the new Timeline format to brand pages officially in 30 days. Brands will have a month to get familiar with the change, and can now switch back and forth between layouts. While companies will now benefit from the shiny banner, or cover photo, at the top of their page now, they’ll also lose a huge advantage–the custom default landing tab. Users will no longer automatically land on anything other than the page’s Wall, so everyone will have to get a little more creative in pushing audience members to those handy-dandy apps. This might turn out to be a surprisingly Google move for Facebook, as it will now undoubtedly push page owners to do more advertising in order to get users directly to their apps.

If that wasn’t enough for one week, Google’s new unified privacy policy launched this Thursday to much buzz around every media outlet imaginable. Prepare to be tracked as you’ve never been tracked before–with an impeccable thoroughness and elegant simplicity that only Google can manage.

Speaking of Google, Josh Constine over at TechCrunch wrote a bitingly honest article this week titled “Why Google+ Doesn’t Care If You Never Come Back,” which you should check out, even if you only read the first two words. Touche, sir.

And for those infographic-lovers out there, Marketing News Central posted a sweet infographic by Wordstream this week detailing Google’s most expensive keywords. Check it out below!

Google's most expensive keywords