This Week on the Web (Feb. 20-24)

You’re busy—we get it. Tons of blog posts and interesting articles get published every week and there’s hardly enough time in the day to read them all. Now we’ve got you covered with the week’s highlights on the Web every week.

Brilliant | Imagine via SEOmoz

1.  SEOmoz had a brilliant post last Monday, The New SEO Process (Quit Being Kanye), claiming that the old way of SEO is disruptive and unproductive. Sure, everyone wants to have the greatest rankings of all time, but it’s just not about that. “We all want traffic and we all want to rank #1 for juicy head terms,” wrote Michael King of iPullRank, “but these things are not goals. By themselves these are not KPIs that make clients successful. Simply put, if you rank highly for keywords but aren’t fulfilling the needs of people searching for them, you just put a ton of effort into exactly the wrong thing. It’s not about the keywords; it’s about the people searching for them.”


2. With March 1st approaching, and with it the start of Google’s new “unified” privacy policy, HackCollege showed readers how to clear their search histories.


3. ReadWriteWeb brought to light some of new social darling Pinterest’s potential darker qualities, including how users could face legal danger.


4. We gave a few pointers on how to keep your newsletter fresh.


5. Forbes creeped everyone out with an article on exactly how far the public considers “too far” when it comes to retargeting ads and respecting privacy. It’s just a funny coincidence that Target was the one to step over that re”target”ing boundary.