This Week on the Web: Facebook Goes Public, An Infographic on Infographics, and Twitter Sends You More Emails. Awesome.

Today’s the big day! Today, Facebook goes public. It’s a pretty big deal, if you haven’t noticed. The Internet, TV, radio, and print media have been going crazy about it for a while now. In case you got wrapped up in the IPO news this week, here’s a few other things that went down on the Web this week:

We released an infographic about infographics delving in to what an infographic actually is, and how it can be a great tool for inbound marketing (with the numbers to back it up).  Check it out!

infographic facts

Wired had a great post asking the question a lot of people probably wondered this week. Can anything take down Facebook? While the answer might be complicated, it’s hard to imagine anything could take down Facebook now, especially after this statement put things into perspective: “It took the Internet 30 years to reach 750 million users. It took Facebook 8.”

Don’t get enough emails! Great! Twitter can help you out. “The new email service takes a digest approach,” Jolie O’dell wrote on Venture Beat earlier this week. “In a post on the company blog, growth and international director Othman Laraki writes that the email summary will feature “the most relevant tweets and stories shared by the people you’re connected to on Twitter.””

To round out all this talk about social media, we blogged about increasing social media engagement this week. No cat videos necessary!

Oh, you were still hoping for a cat video? Alright. You got it.