This Week on the Web: Facebook Follows You, Google’s SEO Tips, & Poor Old IE

It’s officially summer! And. . .it’s already way too hot outside. With temperatures reaching the nineties and heat indexes of over one hundred here in Virginia Beach, it’s a good week to be glad we work in the Internet.

CNN ran an article this week about Facebook’s ever-evolving ad platform. Facebook will soon be able to use your browsing history to determine what ads to serve to you. For example, if you’re around on the Web comparing flight prices, you might start to see ads from airlines or hotels located near where you’re planning to fly. Businesses can bid on a certain type of search instead of a certain type of person.

“By bidding on a specific impression rather than a larger group, advertisers are able to show people more relevant ads while also running more efficient and effective campaigns,” a Facebook spokeswoman said in a written statement. The new service will be called Facebook Exchange, and should be starting to roll out in the next month.

Infographics are amazing for inbound links if you have a great marketing strategy to go along with great design. SEOmoz had a great post this week from a member about getting the maximum amount of links for your infographic. Hint: start by encouraging people to share it!

So this video isn’t actually from this week. Or this month, honestly. But, we think it’s something anyone with a website should see at some point. , Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google goes through five common SEO mistakes, and then offers six suggestions. Straight from Google! Jackpot!

She stresses the importance of providing the kind of functionality and relevant content that users are really looking for, without obsessing over what the search engines want. Prioritize! Your users come first, search engines second.

And because it’s the first official Friday of summer, enjoy what is possibly the best Internet Explorer error message ever:

Internet Explorer Error