This Week On the Web: Creating Effective PPC Ads, Facebook’s Algorithm, and Goodbye to TL;DR

As usual, here we recap the goings-on of the Web this week: 

The whole point of PPC ads are to have people click on them, right? So how do you make an ad that’s actually clickable? HubSpot laid it all out with a briefing on it this week. According to Hubspot, having a combination of “price competitiveness, compelling marketing, perceived deals, and a conversion-friendly design that instills trust” will not only get you clicks, but more importantly: sales. Once you’ve read their post you can download our free Google Adwords display ad template resource and get going on the display network, too!

Have you heard a lot about responsive sites lately? We have, too. Mashable took on the popular topic this week, saying that focusing on the needs of your business is enough to tell you whether or not you need an app or a responsive mobile site. Christina Warren of Mashable says, “The first thing you need to do is forget about buzzwords and lingo and focus on the actual needs of your business.” We couldn’t agree more.

Facebook got real with us this week. While we might of guessed as much about Facebook’s algorithm for the NewsFeed, it’s nice to see a lucid explanation as to how the News Feed is serving posts to users. See how your news feed is working right now.


In a potential effort to bust the tl;dr culture of the Internet, Google recently introduced In-Depth Articles, which shows long-form articles in the Google Search results. On our part, from the examples Google gave, we can’t help but wonder if this is actually an attempt to separate blogs and news sites from big-name, long-respected publications like The New Yorker.

In-Depth Articles by Google

Image via Google

Beloved Rand Fishkin of Moz also gave a thouroughly thought-out guide to keyword targeting and on-page optimization. With colorful graphics, and true-to-form Fishkin wit, he lays out the steps to building a perfectly optimized page.

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