This Week on the Web (April 9-13)

In a year with three Friday the 13ths, this one doesn’t seem too unlucky at all. In fact, this week’s big news is about what might turn out to be the luckiest start-up around: Instagram.

The week started off with a billion dollar deal. Facebook bought Instagram for a cool $1 billion, and the Internet consequently exploded with opinions. Aside from the angry tweets and, ironically, Facebook posts, from people vowing to quit Instagram now that it has “sold out,” Tech Crunch mused on the potential new positive features the acquisition could bring about, including the ability to filter Facebook photos, tag Facebook friends in Instagram, and log into Instagram through Facebook. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

With all the buzz around the beloved app, ReadWriteWeb posted this sweet infographic from about Instagram’s absurdly quick growth.

In other news, Matthew Inman from the Oatmeal published a hilarious comic on how to get more likes on Facebook, illustrating exactly what we’ve all been feeling since the tragic birth of the term “social media guru.” Inman suggests people stop asking for likes . . .


Also, if you’re one of the alleged 170 million people on Google+ (and you’ve been back since you signed up), you might have noticed some changes this week. “More than 170 million people have upgraded to Google+, enjoying new ways to share in Search, Gmail, YouTube and lots of other places. It’s still early days, and there’s plenty left to do, but we’re more excited than ever to build a seamless social experience, all across Google,”  Vic Gundotra stated on the official Google blog. Maybe these changes will begin to attract back the people who signed up and never returned?