This Week on the Web (April 2-6)

The first week of April has come and gone, and if you’ve been as busy as we have, you might have missed what’s been going on around the Web.

Although we’ve heard differing accounts on the engagement of fans with new brand Timeline pages, ReadWriteWeb reported  a definite drop in engagement this week, whether or not that decrease was actually caused by the switch.  “The results of our study do not indicate whether Timeline itself was the direct cause of the decrease in engagement,” Anum Hussain wrote in a post on HubSpot’s blog. “However, the sharp decline occurred simultaneously with the drop, raising the potential of the two being correlated.”

On the topic of Facebook data, Mashable published a nice article on the states in the US where users click on Facebook ads the most. South Dakota, Tennessee, and Colorado took the lead, while Vermont had the lowest click through rate. The good news for Vermont Facebook marketers: your CTR costs are at record lows!

After all the talk of Pinterest over the past few months, they’ve continued to climb their way to the top. That is to say, Pinterest is now the third most popular social network after Facebook & Twitter. It’s something many social media startups have been striving for for years. Now, are they likely to ever break from third place and win second or first? It’s unlikely. But bravo anyway.

Meanwhile, here at Customer Magnetism, we delved into what it means for an SEO to be black hat, white hat, or grey hat. “When you’re white hat,” one of our copywriters Dawn wrote, “you know you’re building value, and you’re doing it in a sustainable way with an eye to the long term. Isn’t that better than rolling the dice and risking a penalty from Google? We certainly think so.”


It’s okay if you’re both pretty creeped out and equally fascinated. We were, too.