This Week on the Web (April 16-20)

In case you missed it, here are a few highlights of what happened during this busy week on the Web.

Jon Mitchell from ReadWriteWeb had a great insight as to why Facebook social reading apps don’t work. “Frictionless sharing is the prime example of a feature that’s only good for Facebook and advertisers,” Mitchell wrote, “but it’s spun as something fun for users. It takes all the value out of the act of sharing. When you intentionally share the fact that you’re listening to a song, you’re giving a signal. ‘I love this song.’ When your entire Spotify playlist is shared in the background, you’re just spamming.”

Do you worry sometimes that you’re not blogging enough? Well, while producing fresh, quality content is important, Adam Singer from The Future Buzz brought up a great point this week–sometimes less is more: “After writing less, I’ve had some time to process what I’ve been saying and how I’ve been saying it which provides some much-needed perspective. I think this is important for all content creators in order to advance their craft.”

The folks over at ReadWriteWeb also delved into the Google/Facebook rivalry to answer the question why Google hates Facebook. The answer is really actually pretty simple, and obvious once you think about it: Facebook knows exactly who you are. We all tell Facebook everything it needs to know about us in order to really expertly target each one of us–something that Google can only guess at in search for the time being.

Speaking of Google, Distilled posted Google’s algorithm changes from the past week. Check it out to see if you’ve been affected, and by how much. Google has been gearing up to crack down on over-optimized sites, but as long as your SEO is intuitive and helps the user experience, you shouldn’t have any problems.