This Week on the Web: Most Expensive AdWords, Holiday Shopping Up, and Desperate Measures to Save the Twinkie

Making Sense (Cents?) Out of AdWords
You’ve seen them at the top of a page or along the side of the screen…AdWords, Google’s featured advertisements for various companies. Like any other ad, companies pay money for their names to show up. However, some keywords are a little more expensive than others, but which ones? According to Markus Allen of Fetch 1-2-3, asbestos-related keywords cost the most, with “mesothelioma settlement” topping the list. That keyword’s cost per click (CPC) rate fetches more than $142. Rounding out the top three are “mesothelioma asbestos attorney” ($121.68) and “asbestos attorney” ($117.23). Annuity- and automotive-related keywords also rank in the top 10.

See the full list at Fetch 1-2-3.

Giving Thanks for Online Deals?
While the economy continues its eventual recovery, many retailers are confident that the 2012 holiday season will be a successful one, especially online. Internet sales are expected to rise 12 percent from last year. Overall, the 2012 holiday sales numbers are projected to increase more than four percent compared to 2011. One contributing factor to the eCommerce boost: free shipping. Roughly half of the consumers polled last year took advantage of retailers’ shipping deals (see infographic below). So before you battle the Black Friday rush, consider ordering online and be sure to see what kind of discounts and shipping deals you can get there. And don’t forget Cyber Monday three days afterward (Monday, November 26)!

Businesses Can Soon Get Pinned
Pinterest, the quirky site where users share common interests, will soon allow companies to set up business accounts, or simply convert an existing personal account. The site is also setting up a terms of service exclusive to the business side. According to Pinterest, “Thousands of businesses have become a part of our community, giving great ideas, content, and inspiration to people on Pinterest. Whether it’s Anthropologie sharing awesome clothes, Whole Foods sharing tasty recipes, the Smithsonian sharing fascinating collections, or Amazon making products easy to pin, many of us have been inspired on Pinterest by businesses.”

If you need a little help getting your account going, check out Hubspot for a few tips.

Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!
Speaking of online shopping, today, social media users mourned a cultural loss: Hostess, which makes Twinkies and Snowballs, announced it is going out of business after more than 8 decades. The shutdown will result in the loss of 18,500 jobs across the country. Like everything else on the Internet, the news quickly spread across Facebook, Twitter, and apparently eBay.

Budding salespersons are auctioning off the iconic pastries for as much as $5,000 (you read that correctly). If you want an entire box, it’ll cost you double.

(Or you could just run to 7-11.)