The Power (and Value) of Holiday Pinning

It’s easy to cringe at early holiday commercials, Christmas music playing already in department stores, or wreaths being hung on streetlights around town. The day after Halloween just feels a little early. However, as we get further into November, now is exactly the right time to plan your social campaign for the holidays.

According to Experian Marketing Services, consumers spent more than 27% of their total time online during Q4 on social networking apps in 2012. ComScore reported 30% of all retail e-commerce consumer spending took place in the same time period, with a big part of that concentrated in the second half of Q4. Needless to say: shopping online and social media are irrevocably connected now.

So what does all this social media use mean for actual sales? How does it translate into dollars? A few years ago, measuring ROI from social media used to be this strange, unattainable goal. Luckily, it’s not anymore.

Pinterest, which has become a major player in driving big e-commerce traffic over the last year, has become more valuable than ever. According to new data released from Piqora, one pin brings in $0.78 in sales on average, a number that has grown nearly 25% since last holiday season.


And what’s great about a pin that doesn’t run true for Facebook or Twitter posts, is that pins are virtually timeless. Half of site visits from Pinterest happen after three and a half months of the original pin date, and half of the sales happen after two and a half months of the original pin date. That means a pin your company posted this summer could very well be driving holiday sales this month. And that’s without even planning a promotion. Imagine what your Pinterest account could do for your business if you put some time in sprucing it up for the holidays. . .