Thanksgiving at Customer Magnetism

Last week and this week, Customer Magnetism employees opened their hearts and wallets in support of a local organization personally donated over 500 items in support of the annual ForKids Thankgiving Drive.  After the Grand Opening of the ForKids thrift store, called Good Mojo in Norfolk, VA, the ForKids organization rounded up thousands of items to provide over 300 local families a full Thanksgiving Dinner.

Customer Magnetism helping ForKids at Thanksgiving

A few of us stocking the shelves

Last week, our generous employees pulled together and purchased nearly every item for twenty-five families to celebrate the Holiday together, down to dish-soap and paper towels.  The training room was covered with delicious Thankgiving items such as canned goods, marshmallows, stuffing, etc.  To add a little fun with packing up the dinners, our employees raced to fill up the bags with all dinner items.  One of our Project Manager Assistants, Nikki, took home the prize with compiling all dinner items in a record breaking 31.3 seconds.

Christmas came early for Rusty with this gem.

On Monday, CM sent a hand full of employees to the ForKids Good Mojo Thrift Shop in Norfolk to volunteer.  From unpacking items, to stocking shelves, and organizing meals, CM employees offered their hands and their time for ForKids.  Afterward, they got the opportunity to roam the Thrift Store and picked up something special for the Vice President of Creative Services, Rusty.

Hampton Roads has hundreds of families that will enjoy a Thanksgiving Dinner because of the ForKids organization.  As we approach the holiday tomorrow, take the time to give your thanks for the things important in your life.  I personally am thankful to be working with such talented, wonderful individuals who can take the time to give back to the community as much they do.

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