5 Tips for Driving Traffic with Facebook

From ads to posts, here’s how to get people from Facebook back to your website: There are many purposes to all the time you spend creating a social presence on Facebook: customer service, growing your brand awareness, delivering a message… Read more »

Leveraging Facebook Live as a Business

In an effort to further the video agenda in newsfeeds, Facebook released a new sharing method a few months ago called “Facebook Live.” This allows users to share live video from their mobile devices straight to the feed. What has… Read more »

Facebook Posts & Ads: An Update

In true Facebook form, there have been some updates to posting and ad styles. You can now create a slideshow, upload photos as a carousel, and create a canvas. Let’s take a look at how these new additions can make… Read more »

Budgeting for Social Media

Depending on your industry and your business goals, you may be active on several social media channels; each channel then having their own form of advertising, and then different types of ad options within the ads managers to choose from…. Read more »

10 Tips for Greater Brainstorming Success

It’s a balance of creativity and structure to host the most effective brainstorming session for your business. Whether it’s for your company, clients, or new business, there are some tried and true tips on how to brainstorm that will leave you… Read more »

Social Media Scheduling: The Complete Rundown

Social media marketers experience this constantly, social media keeps going no matter the time or the day. While social media refuses to sleep, social media managers would start to resemble zombies if they tried to keep up. Fortunately, we have… Read more »

Post O’clock: Best Times to Post on Social

Managing your business’s social media accounts can be taxing at times, from perfecting post copy to getting the hashtags just right. But what experienced social media users know is that there’s a science to getting it right—if you follow certain guidelines, you’re… Read more »

#Hashtag101: The Do’s and Don’ts of Hashtag Usage

Hashtags made their social media debut when they were popularized by Twitter as a way to aggregate conversations around a particular topic. Want to find out the latest news in social media marketing? Type the hashtag (#smm) into the Twitter search… Read more »

2015 Ultimate Social Media Sizing Guide

When it comes to social media marketing, you have to put your best foot forward at all times. That means keeping up with an ever-changing “best practices” or a new set of rules that a platform springs on you at… Read more »

What is Micro-Content? Creating More With Less

What is Micro-Content? Creating More With Less

What is Micro-Content If you’re part of the social media and content marketing world, chances are you’ve heard the term micro-content tossed around. And if you haven’t, oh well, allow us to introduce the legendary being that is…MICRO-CONTENT! What does it mean exactly? It’s… Read more »

Advertisers Get Insights about a Whole New Audience on Facebook

Advertisers Get Insights about a Whole New Audience on Facebook

Facebook’s Insights have always given admins valuable data about their Page’s fan base. After all, even if you’ve already done the market research and know who your target audience is, sometimes your actual following on social can vary, and it’s important… Read more »

Facebook Auto-Play Ads: Innovation or Nightmare?

Facebook Auto-Play Ads: Innovation or Nightmare?

We know ads can get a bad rap. Even Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone, mentioned Facebook should release an ad-free version. However, that hasn’t held Facebook back from deciding to roll out some obnoxious auto-play video ads. With a payday of… Read more »

Why Free Facebook is the Best Facebook: Keep the Ads.

Why Free Facebook is the Best Facebook: Keep the Ads.

In a recent statement Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone, suggested Facebook charge users a monthly fee for an ad-free social platform. Interesting thought; a premium Facebook or Twitter account. It resonates with Pandora One and the paid versions of Spotify or… Read more »