Ad-Blockers and Why Shrugging Them Off is a Bad Idea

  Display ads. Remarketing. On-page ads. All these are useful and fairly easy ways to get a short but powerful message and CTA in front of potential customers. What if all that work and effort for potential sales and leads… Read more »

How to RePurpose Your Blog Content

  Having trouble coming up with a new content idea? Whether you’re a brainstorming pro or novice, sometimes the creative river just runs dry. But, alas, don’t give up! There are ways to repurpose your existing content and create something… Read more »

Getting to Know CM: Your Team

When talking with clients and potential clients, the one point that we try to make as clear as possible is that CM is now your team. We like to say we are an extension of your marketing team but more… Read more »

Online Marketing Solutions

Where do you go to find the latest and greatest of online marketing solutions? The news moves slower than social media does, so that’s where we went to find the most recent issues and give you our take on them…. Read more »

10 Tips for Greater Brainstorming Success

It’s a balance of creativity and structure to host the most effective brainstorming session for your business. Whether it’s for your company, clients, or new business, there are some tried and true tips on how to brainstorm that will leave you… Read more »

Native Advertising: Destroying your Internets or No?

What is Native Advertising? This is when the editorial is subtly selling a product and the aesthetic is made to closely resemble the look and feel of the site that it lives on. So without the user knowing, they’re actually… Read more »

The 5 W’s of Call Tracking

R.O.I. – three small letters that can make or break any marketing plan, strategy or even a professional. When it comes to investing in any type of marketing, figuring out what, if any, return your investment has is crucial to… Read more »

8 Tips to Creating a Blog Strategy

  It seems so simple. Creating a blog strategy, something that you should be able to knock out in a few minutes and be set for your entire year of content creation, right? Wrong. It’s a process that takes time,… Read more »

Design Team vs. Template Design

Having options is supposed to be a good thing. It’s empowering. It enables us to decide what fits best. With that empowerment also comes the responsibility to understand what compromises and enhancements are at stake. This is often where a… Read more »

Getting Started with Process Mapping

Getting Started with Process Mapping

It seems like an obvious task that you should have already completed. But, like many business owners and CEOs it often gets lost in the shuffle of doing work. Having a completed process map can help further refine your business… Read more »

CM’s Client Onboarding Process

CM’s Client Onboarding Process

The start of a new client/agency relationship is a very exciting time for both parties. The client is excited that they’ve located and vetted the right agency, and the agency is excited about tackling a new project with new goals,… Read more »

Creating a Successful Influencer Outreach Email

Creating a Successful Influencer Outreach Email

You have a product, a piece of content, a deliverable of some sort that you need to get the right eyes on. How do you successfully do that while getting the best return on your outreach efforts? Influencer outreach is… Read more »