How Good Business Practices Can Impact Your Rankings

For over 15 years I have been working in the digital marketing space, with the bulk of the earlier years being strictly focused on SEO and keeping up with the latest best practices. Over the past few years we (digital… Read more »

The Big Game Ads: CM’s Best and Worst Picks

The Big Game, personally I feel like it was a huge letdown. A little lopsided for my taste. But that’s aside from the point, so let’s get to why you are really here. I am referring to the ads. Millions… Read more »

Getting to Know CM: Your Team

When talking with clients and potential clients, the one point that we try to make as clear as possible is that CM is now your team. We like to say we are an extension of your marketing team but more… Read more »

Online Marketing Solutions

Where do you go to find the latest and greatest of online marketing solutions? The news moves slower than social media does, so that’s where we went to find the most recent issues and give you our take on them…. Read more »

10 Tips for Greater Brainstorming Success

It’s a balance of creativity and structure to host the most effective brainstorming session for your business. Whether it’s for your company, clients, or new business, there are some tried and true tips on how to brainstorm that will leave you… Read more »

4 Tips for Writing The Best PPC Ad Copy

4 Tips for Writing The Best PPC Ad Copy

It was the best of times and the worst of times….which is a fair way to describe anytime you’re writing ad copy for your PPC account. Since there’s no ultimate answer when it comes to writing “the perfect ad copy,”… Read more »

Reputation Management Advice via #PubCon

Reputation Management Advice via #PubCon

Awake early in Las Vegas for another fun-filled day of SEO knowledge and hashtagging #PubCon. Let’s start off the day with a subject dear to all SEOs’ hearts: reputation management. Jennifer Laycock started off the session with a few things… Read more »

Step Into My Office…Because You’re Friggin’  Fired

Step Into My Office…Because You’re Friggin’ Fired

Everyone has feared it at some point or another in their lives. That sudden icy tone your boss takes that sends chills down your spine. It’s the words no one ever wants to hear…”Step into my office…” doesn’t usually bode… Read more »