Social Media at the Beach

Blogging to you live from the Social Media @ the Beach seminar. Jimmy Olivero, CM’s Sales Director & I are spending the day at Peabody’s in Virginia Beach.

The highlight of the day for us is our own Marketing Director, Nicole Newsome, speaking on SEO and social media.

A few key points from some of the sessions:

Topic: Secrets to Social Media
Jeff Turner
Real Estate Shows Founder
Advisor, Social Media Marketing Institute

It’s time to stop playing games with social media. If you haven’t found value in it yet, you’re not doing it right. You can’t see it, but you can see the effects. It’s not random, it’s the things you can’t see working behind the scenes.

Constant communication makes it work.

There are lots of different types of apps for Twitter & social media. It doesn’t matter so much which one you use as long as your message is clear.

Getting followers is easy. Building communities is hard. Identify your values. Your beliefs must be authentic. People will eventually figure you out.

Topic: Social Media SEO
Justin Williams
Director of PR
Guerilla Marketing
Social Media Blogger|Marketing & Advertising|Finance Mgr.

Create a blog. Find a niche. Focus on something you love. Expect it to take 12 months to work. Get them indexed quickly.

Topic: SEO & Social Media Marketing
Nicole Newsome
Director of PR
Customer Magnetism

social media virginia beach

SEO & social media are linked to leads, sales, followers. Ways to get search engine results & what do they mean to you? Pay per click-bidding process: You bid & buy your way to the top. Map listings: Show people where you are geographically. Organic listings: They’re not paid. You earn your way to the top.

Additional Google listings are bumped up through news, images, videos, blogs, live social media feeds. How you rank is what affects how easily you can be found. Improve your ranking & placement with links pointing to your website & fresh unique new content constantly with updates; links pointing only in to your site from other places.

Famous quote from Google: “The best way to get other sites to create relevant links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can quickly gain popularity in the Internet community.”

Ways to generate inbound links:
-Submit to relevant data providing websites
-Submit to relevant directories and industry related expert sites
-Ask vendors, customers & friends to link to you
-Educate the world about you through press releases
-Target sites who are linking to your competitors
-Use minimal link exchanges
-Avoid link farms

Topic: Social Media for Business|Marketing
Lori Aitkenhead, Social Media Professional
Black Dog Social Media
V.P. Social Media Club

Brand Management
Always listen to your audience. A brand is developed not by what you say, but what other people say.

While you would like to think you control your brand through social media, it’s really other people controlling your brand.

Managing Negative Feedback
Do not ignore or delete blog comments from people. This will make them more angry. Instead, respond to them and try to resolve the issue if possible.

Integrating other forms of exposure and advertising in addition to social media: Direct mail, internal signs posted on a business wall, tv, spots, email newsletters. Identify your target audience using analytics and research sources. Listen to the forums. People will give you raw, honest information.

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