See into the Future with Google Glass

Well . . . maybe not the future, but you’ll definitely be seeing things with new eyes with Google’s current project in development: the Google Glass. This wearable headset, once engaged, is capable of taking photos, recording videos, looking up answers on Google, showing reminders, and sharing whatever you’re looking at — either via messaging or through a Google+ Hangout.

Google released a good deal more information on it’s latest phenomenon February 20th. With a new video of the Google Glass, we get a realistic look into what the interface is going to look like, as well as some of its other features. According to an article from CNN, ” The headset doesn’t actually have lenses in front of your eyes, just a small screen (viewable via a mirrored glass block) above and to the right of the wearer’s right eye.”

Sergey Brin says they hope to bring the Google Glass to consumers as early as the beginning of 2014. In addition, some developer editions have already been pushed out, priced at around $1,500. “It’s certainly early days of the device — there will be bumps,” a Google spokesperson tells The Verge. “But what’s cool is that we’re approaching the time when people will be able to take Glass out into the world and start exploring what’s possible with a device like this.”

Google Glass is certainly innovative, and we’re excited to see what new opportunities it brings into the world of technology.


As with any new advance in technology, not everyone is excited about this new product…


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Sydney Banks

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