Searching Yahoo! for the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Romance isn’t dead, it was just sleeping. Yahoo! search has released some interesting Valentine’s Day-related stats. There were a few dramatic one-day jumps in online search trends during the past week.

•    Searches for “Valentine’s gifts for boyfriends” was up 271 percent. Nothing dramatic reported on searches for girlfriends.

•    Between yesterday and today, searches for both “Saint Valentine” and “Who was Saint Valentine” increased more than 300 percent.

•    Online searches for short Valentine’s Day poems skyrocketed by 800 percent. You know, silly ones that go something like this:

Roses are red, violets are blue.
Customer Magnetism wishes
a Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

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  • ♥ ♡ Very Sweet! Happy Valentine’s Day to you guys too!! ♡ ♥