Search Engine Marketing Seminars in January

Update: New dates for February

If you work in Virginia Beach marketing, or really in any local business, chances are you’re interested on some level in one of the following:

-harnessing the power of Google
-increasing your website’s online presence
-driving the highest qualified traffic to your site
-or even increasing your sales.

The good news is – we can help. Customer Magnetism used to host classes on search engine marketing, and in 2010 we’re starting up again! Register for one of the upcoming hour and a half seminars in January with our CEO, Kurt Noer, to reserve a seat.

Either click below, or visit to register.

click on this lovely image to register

  • By any chance are you guys putting the seminar on video? I’d really like to attend but due to my schedule will be unable. Posting the video would allow quite a few more individuals to get the information I’m sure. I’ll continue to check back but please let me know should you guys decide to post the video.