Scheduled Tweets Now Available to Twitter Advertisers

If you’re one of the very few businesses out there that can trust your brand identity will remain unchanged six months or even a year from now, we’ve got some pretty spectacular news for you. The Twitter Ads Team has announced that those utilizing Twitter’s Ad Products can now schedule Tweets up to a year in advance!

So, how does it work?

While logged into, write a tweet as you normally would, by clicking the “Compose Tweet” button to the top right of the page. If you’ve advertised with Twitter in the past, you’ll see that now you have a few new, super sweet options:

Scheduled TweetsCompose your tweet as usual, add a location, photo, or card, and then schedule that baby! Remember, too, scheduled tweets can be part of a Promoted Tweet campaign, but they can also be organic. Use the “Delivery” and “Promotion” tabs to configure your options. (Oh, and check out the new “Creatives” tab where you can manage your scheduled tweets and cards, too!)

With the ability to schedule tweets now, the possibilities are nearly endless for marketers. No more staffing overnight for special events, forgetting holiday tweets, or even logging in on weekends. The ability to build campaigns in advance means a greater opportunity for consistency, but could this be the demise for those willing to “set it and forget it”? Could this be the beginning of missed opportunities for marketers to be truly social?