Social Media Contest Ideas


Social Media Contest Ideas

Looking for rules and social media contest ideas? Here you go! We can’t help you get out of that parking ticket, but we sure can protect you from the social media police! Most of us have probably broken a few rules regarding social contests before without even knowing it. Hosting a social contest is a great way to further engage your current following while also expanding your network and growing your fan base. However, there are some tricky rules that you need to take into consideration across every platform to ensure that you are complying with their promotion regulations.

We have outlined the general rules for each platform, but it is still recommended to consult a legal expert to ensure you’re complying with all applicable promotion laws. In this whitepaper, Customer Magnetism breaks down the rules and regulations for hosting contests across Facebook, Pinterest, SnapChat, Instagram, and Twitter.

Once you get used to these best practices, you’ll immediately witness the major benefits that well thought out and planned contests have for your brand including increased exposure, higher engagement, brand loyalty and so much more. Whether you aren’t aware of the basic social contest rules or just need a quick refresher, this resource will guarantee you create a law abiding social media contest! Don’t forget to download our whitepaper on the Rules and Regulations for Hosting a Social Promotion.

If you need additional help crafting up a creative contest or promotion
for your brand, contact us.

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