Penguin 2.0 Unleashed

The fourth release of Google’s Penguin algorithm has arrived equipped with heavy duty Penguin 2.0 technology to better fight spam.penguin

According to an article in Search Engine Land, “Webmasters and SEOs: expect major changes to the search results. Matt specifically said that 2.3% of English queries will be noticeably impacted by this update.”

So what can you expect to see from the new Penguin update?  Well as Matt Cutts informed us in a recent video, the new Penguin is going beyond the surface and delves deeper into sites.  It is going to have a much bigger affect on SEOs and webmasters than previously.

When Matt says “deeper” he’s saying that Google diving into sites’ indexes and link graphs, and that even more sites will be seeing ramifications to their rankings than the previous Penguin 1.0 did.

Although there is a good deal of speculation already being formed on what the Penguin update has in store for SEOs and website owners, to evaluate the algorithm before it has a chance to populate is not good practice.  We know that it will take a few days before things settle down and quality data can be derived.

With that being said, what we can discuss is who has taken hits already and why.

As an overview, the hardest hits are being taken by porn sites, game sites, and some bigger companies like CheapOair and Salvation Army, according to a Search Engine Land article.

Search Metrics gives us a look into what the biggest losers in terms of falling in rank are:

penguin-losers-searchmetricsSearch Engine Land comments, “The column on the far right shows how much “SEO Visibility” each website has lost — at least for the keywords that SearchMetrics tracks. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these websites are all seeing dramatic traffic losses, because they might still have high visibility for keywords that aren’t being tracked. That said, in the couple years that we’ve been reporting on the Penguin and Panda updates, lists from SearchMetrics and a couple other SEO software companies have generally been considered mostly accurate.” penguin

While it may be a few days before we fully understand how the new Penguin update is operating and what the effects of the new algorithm are, it is clear that Google is taking a stand against the spammy links and sites with a lot of back linking to irrelevant content.  Moral of the story?  Make sure your content is relevant to your site, and make sure you aren’t linking to spam.

What do you think of the Penguin update?  What are you concerns and/or advice?  If you have any insight or observation that we didn’t address please comment!

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Sydney Banks

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