Most Awkward Holiday Stock Photos Ever

We’re back with another round of astonishingly awkward stock photos, this time with an unfortunate amount of holiday flair!

Alright. We get it. A lot of retailers have holiday specials and it makes sense to promote those with some seasonal snazz. However . . .

Christmas in July

1. You can’t just throw a Santa hat on someone and give them a shiny bag and expect the holiday spirit to come alive inside the hearts and minds of your customers. Is it Christmas in July? Is she shopping for more weather-appropriate attire to give herself for the winter? Maybe a pair of moccasins to cover her feet? Or maybe we’re overreacting and she’s shopping in Miami, in which case, the background will be key.

For example:

Inappropriate Christmas Photo Usage

This is just downright ridiculous. She’d at least have a one-horse open sleigh. What is this, a Robert Frost poem?

Still not convinced that throwing on a Santa hat won’t cheer up any photo? See #2.

 Christmas Scream

2. Oh my gosh! Macaulay Culkin?! No. . .it’s just a woman screaming because the brightness of those professional photography lights are blinding her, even through the sunglasses. Or maybe the nose piercing happened right before the photo was snapped. Either way, this photo doesn’t really communicate “peace” and “joy” very effectively. It’s just the worst.

3. This dog, which you might recognize from our original set of confusing stock photos, also qualifies for holiday-horror status. Poor thing might be traumatized.

poor dog

The thing is, he’s much happier in scarves than muffs. If you have to put accessories on a dog, at least pick out ones he likes. Like these:

scarf dog

You know who doesn’t like scarves, though? This guy.

saddest dog

4. Please stick with the dog accessory rule from #3.

5. That IT guy from down the hall who will be wearing a Santa hat every day until Christmas.

that guy

6.  There’s not much to say about this one. It just feels wrong. He went to Jared? We’ll never know for sure, but it definitely looks like that box is empty.

white christmas

7. When Christmas is all said and done, don’t forget about New Year’s Eve! There’s no better way to celebrate the start of 2013 than a well-lit dance party with a smooth disco ball in a high school locker room.

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