Mobile Internet Use Continues to Climb

The latest statistics are out on how people are using their mobile phones and other devices. In a three-month study ending in May 2011, a comScore Mobilens survey found that Smartphone owners are using their devices to do more tasks than they did in the previous three months. That means more texting, browser usage, social networking, accessing downloaded applications, and playing games and music. According to the study, of the 234 million Americans age 13 and up using mobile devices during this time period, 76.8 million owned Smartphones.

A few specifics:
•    Using browsers increased 1.05 percent from 38.3 percent to 39.8.
•    Social networking or reading blogs increased 1.8 percent from 26.8 percent to 28.6
•    Using downloaded phone apps increased 2 percent from 36.6 to 38.6.

CM-mobile-Internet-use-increaseThis is good news for companies spending more resources on mobile-friendly websites. According to Google, mobile searches now comprise one out of every seven computer-based searches. That figure has quadrupled since last year and is expected to rise. Of those using mobile devices to search, one in three are local searches.

Google reported in February that nearly 30 percent of all mobile searches are restaurant-related, followed by 16.8 for auto-related searches, and about 15 percent each for consumer electronics, financial or insurance-related items, and beauty or personal items.

For merchants trying to keep up with mobile trends to capture customers, keep in mind that Google’s stats also show that after Smartphone users look up a local business, 61 percent call it and 59 percent visit the business.

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