Microsoft Dives Down the Rabbit Hole of SMM with Looking Glass

So Microsoft wants a piece of Social Media. I guess it’s not that surprising. We should have assumed it would happen sooner or later, but with the launch of Windows 7 today, Microsoft is the first major software company to bring a new Social Media Marketing monitoring tool – Looking Glass. In attempts to help overwhelmed businesses keep track of their Social Media endeavors, Looking Glass offers a way to pull different feeds together in one place to not only make it easier to monitor, but easier to act on as well. And of course, that one place the feeds will pool in will be part of Microsoft’s platforms, such as Outlook or Sharepoint.

This means marketers would be notified by email whenever there is an influx of talk on Social Media networks like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook about their brand, and possibly able to avert any crises or negative press that could result. What seems a little too good to be true to me here is that while businesses can pay close watch on the conversation surrounding them; Looking Glass seems to be suggesting it’s a way to control the conversation, while it might really just be more of a damage control tool.

Looking Glass is not the first or the cheapest SMM monitoring tool, but it might be the most accessible to those who don’t already “get” Social Media. Of course anyone wanting to use Looking Glass would need to purchase a Microsoft license.

Maybe with the help of Looking Glass, Redskin linebacker Robert Hensen’s people could have shut down his Twitter controversy before it blew up. Too bad Looking Glass is a day late to save his reputation.

What do you think? Can Looking Glass change the way businesses use Social Media? Are you going to run out to buy Windows 7 to try this out? Are you already using a SMM monitoring tool? Do you think Microsoft has Looking Glass running at their own offices right now to monitor us talking about it?

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  • Being that it’s already so difficult for small businesses to grow in a competitive market, I see this as just another way for big business to protect their position and make it even more difficult for small businesses to grow.

  • See, I don’t think smaller businesses would really need Looking Glass. When you’re not using SMM on a really big scale, it should be fairly easy to keep track of what’s going on regarding your business across the internet. I do think you’re right though as far as big business protecting their position – Social Media is crucial for big business, and it’s crucial that they keep tabs.

  • I’m not a big MS lover, but this seems to make sense for some larger businesses. I agree with you that smaller businesses should be able to track and manage their own online reputation. Having worked for a number of larger brands, it is much harder to do for big business. Typically it takes a few tools and a lot of time.