A New Layout for Facebook Pages Once Again

The Facebook Page Timeline layout is changing again!


Have you seen that little notification on the Facebook Pages you run recently? It’s been a while since Facebook has made any major changes to Page Timelines, so we were really due for one at this point.

This month, Facebook announced that they’ll be rolling out a more “streamlined look for Pages on desktop.” Does that sound familiar at all? It might be because they did something similar to users’ News Feeds earlier in the month to mimic Facebook’s mobile experience a little more closely. After all, over half of Facebook’s daily users are mobile anyway.

“Over the last year we have been taking time and listening to what people think about the redesign,” Greg Marra, a product manager told TechCunch, with “lots of interviews with users to understand what parts were working and what parts were not. Some changes were getting in the way of using Facebook.”

While some of those changes involved fonts and image sizes, the major difference—which will be carried over to Pages—is simplicity.

So what does that mean exactly? Take a look:

facebook timeline update

The Timeline will really only function in one column now, the right-hand column, instead of alternating between left and right chronologically. On the left-hand side you’ll find other information about the page, any maps, fans, etc.

The admin tools will also be easier to access. Not only will a weekly ad summary be available in the upper right-hand corner of the page, but the Build Audience button will now send admins directly to the Ad Manager.

All in all, the changes won’t be drastic, but it might not stop people from freaking out (as they do) when a new look gets rolled out.

How do you feel about the changes? Will anyone be vowing to leave Facebook for Google+ again this time around?