Keeping Your Newsletter Fresh

Fresh Newsletter Content!Whether you push out a newsletter every week, every month, every quarter, or just every year, it can be difficult to keep things exciting. Many companies fall into the trap of making their newsletter too bland or just plain too uninformative. These techniques will help you publish a newsletter that readers can’t wait to devour.

Put The “News” Back In Newsletter. Do you actually share news? A good newsletter balances recent news in your industry alongside other topics. Don’t be afraid to link to articles that you find particularly relevant, exciting, or just plain weird. Good information shows you’re on the cutting edge and have the pulse of your industry. Weird and wacky news will make your readers chuckle and keep them coming back for more with each new publication. Just make sure you always attribute your links and your sources.

Don’t Skimp On Information. A good newsletter has more than a little bit of “how-to” in it. Your readers want some kind of new knowledge that they didn’t have before. Alongside the educational links and industry news you provide, put in a section or two of your own writing about industry-relevant topics. Keep things short and sweet – 250 to 300 words is good, anything longer than 500 words won’t work well for most newsletters.

Make The Design Exciting! People don’t want to read big blocks of text. Break up your great content with photos, videos, cartoons – anything interesting, exciting, and relevant to your industry. The exact images and designs you use will depend largely on your field. Take a look at this newsletter. See how it’s got a nice flow? It’s not just one wall of text. It’s got little text boxes, helpful links, and pictures interspersed throughout.

Share Your Company, But Don’t Dominate The Newsletter. Your newsletter should clearly be a product of your company. But that doesn’t mean it has to be all about you. One good way to let readers get involved on their own terms is to include links to recent press releases, blog posts, or new articles about your company. You can also include the occasional reference to your company. Reading through this newsletter, you know it’s published by Customer Magnetism, and you’re welcome to learn more about us if you like. But the primary focus is to produce an informative and interesting read. Anything else is just gravy.

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