How Are You Spending Your Internet Time?

PIC1068506064According to, Americans are spending 22.7% of their time online using  social networks. Online games came in second with 10.2% of the share. The results of a poll taken last month were released today. Compared to the same poll a year ago, social networking (which includes blogs) has jumped a whopping 43%. Games overtook email for second place in popularity, with a 10% climb from last June. Email dropped 28%. Instant messaging dropped 15%.

With the additional amount of time people spend keeping up with their friends and coworkers through social media accounts, the trend is not surprising. It may be faster and easier for many people to access photos, links and short messages through social sites than through their email or instant messaging.

When they are not playing games, social networking or emailing, Nielsen says the time is divided among information portals, IMs, searches, videos and movies, multi-category entertainment, classifieds and “other.”

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