Coming Soon: Highlighted Posts in Google+

Google’s Shimrit Ben-Yair announced today a Google+ feature that you may see within the next few days in your G+ stream.  The new highlighted posts feature, displayed below, will emphasize posts that were +1’d by people in your Google+ circles, and may likewise show posts you’ve +1’d to those in your circles.

Worried about your privacy? Fear not. In her announcement, Shimrit points out that you can edit your settings to decide who might see your +1’d content, or even “turn down the volume” or exclude highlighted posts entirely from a given circle. She also points out that “In all cases: friends will only see +1s and posts they already had permission to see, we’re just calling extra attention to them.”

Google Plus Highlighted Post

Photo Via Shimrit Ben-Yair

If you think this new-fangled functionality is shockingly similar to your Facebook newsfeed where you’re bombarded with unsolicited stories, images, and the like, you’re right on track. The only difference here is that based on its traditionally low usage alone, there should theoretically be a far less garbage than on Facebook. Hey, that might be a plus in itself.