Top 5 Highest Grossing Apps

These statistics may surprise you, but you’ll have to take a break from crushing candies to read about them:

Which apps are bringing in the most cash per day? Think Gaming and Statista gave us a little insight into just how much these apps are making, as well as how many downloads they’re getting, the number of users per day, and where they rank as a Top Free App.


5. MARVEL War of Heroes: In fifth place for highest grossing games comes this MARVEL creation. It is the only official mobile card battle game from the Marvel Universe. The idea is to create a team of characters to have the ultimate battle team, then you can battle other players. With a daily revenue of around $361,789 they’re not hurting for cash. They have about 25,272 daily installs of the app and at any given time during the day there’s about 3,541,817 people playing. It also grabbed the #76 ranking for Top Free Apps.


4. Hay Day:This one may surprise you, the farming experience app allows you to cultivate the “land” all while feeding your chickens and pigs. It pulls in a bit more of the dough with a daily revenue of $421,911. Every day 29,486 new people install the app and about 3,251,547 people are playing per day. This fun free app also was rated #35 Top Free App.


3. Modern War: Ready for world domination? This popular combat game sure knows how to win the war on revenue. While battling off enemies for control of countries, this app came in at number three with a daily profit of $474,650. It has around 23,628 installs a day and 1,718,629 users per day. Even with it’s high profit margin, it’s only #92 on the Top Free App list.


2. Clash of Clans: Defend your clan and lead them to victory! This is a combat-strategy game designed to allow users to build a village, train their clan members, and then battle for honor. Sounds exciting right? Well it should be as the number two grossing app. It brings in about $527,389 a day in profit. It also gets about 31,500 new installs a day, has around 4,053,829 active users a day, and easily ranks as #29 of Top Free Apps.


1. Candy Crush: You probably guessed that this one would be number one in bringing in the big bucks, and if you did – you were right. This mindless, yet addicting game brings in a whopping $632,867 new dollars a day. That’s a lot of dough. There are about 225,000 new crushers daily and there’s 6,729,682 people a day playing. With those stats, it’s easy to see how it comes in as not only a #1 grossing app, but the #2 Top Free App as well.


According to Think Gaming, “Altogether, the top 10 grossing iOS games account for 3.4 million U.S. dollars in revenue each day.” So, how many of you downloaded a new app and are now lost in battle as a result of this list?

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