Hey Internet – It’s Earth Day!

Earth Day is this week! To celebrate, CM will be blogging all week leading up to It, letting you know how you can help our planet both locally and via internet.

Stuck inside today? Really I shouldn’t say “stuck inside,” I should say “privileged to have a job to work at today which also happens to require you being inside?” Me too. But even though you’re obviously indoors staring at the computer at the moment, it’s Earth Day, and there are things you can do while inside to help that great wild world outside.

Today ClimateTV is having an all-day online marathon. They’ve interviewed thought leaders on the issue of climate change and the environment and will be running them back-to-back all day before airing an online broadcast premiere of the award-winning documentary No Impact Man starting at 6:30pm EST. After the screening, there will be a live interactive panel discussion with special guests Jennifer Prediger, also known as “Ask Umbra” on Grist.org; David Beers, founding editor of The Tyee.ca; Kim Thee, ClimateTV host; and Kevin Grandia. If you’ve got a break, take a look – you might learn something, and what’s that saying – “knowing is half the battle?” Or maybe even “learning is fun, because knowledge is power!” Either way, educate yourself on how our environment needs our help so you can be a part of helping it thrive.

Speaking of education, the Fish and Wildlife service has podcasts and videos up today on subjects ranging from pet waste to recycling. NASA has an earth page set up where you can see NASA’s view of Earth, among some other sweet photos.

If you’d like to donate to an organization, the Earth Day Network is promoting the “I Am for the Earth.org” online fundraiser to raise funds and awareness for the network, which focuses on the core issues of environmental advocacy, climate change, biodiversity, education, energy, sustainable development, a green economy, and green schools.

Lastly, if you’re working from home, today might be a good day to get re-motivated towards preserving the planet by watching some high quality, educational programming. Forget “Planet Earth.” I found a place where you can watch “Captain Planet” online for free, and from what I remember as a child, nothing else inspired me more to take pollution down to zero.

And then maybe if your office doesn’t have recycling, take your papers home and recycle them. Carpool to the office. Stop throwing so much stuff away.

Remember, as the Captain would say, “the power is yours!”