“Hello Google AdWords Keyword Planner. I guess we’ll be getting much closer now.”

RIP Google Keyword Tool

This is what I said aloud to myself as I sat at my desk this morning, realizing Google finally made good on their word to shut down the Keyword Tool. This move has been long expected, and dreaded for many months.

An all-inclusive keyword tool like the new Keyword Planner infers the added benefits of time management and great functionality, but that’s yet to be seen. Having traffic estimates on the same page along with Google’s “insight” on relevant Adgroups looks to be especially useful as well as a time-saver–I’d been using Google’s dropdown menu to grab relevant long tail ideas. Hopefully I can skip that step now.

Phasing out tools isn’t a new move as most anyone who’s used the Internet knows. Tools come and go, and Google is perpetually making changes to their platforms. Usually updates are pushed at us with promise of “higher quality,” and are met with much resistance. It’s cyclical, really. If you’re curious about other retired tools, take a stroll through Google’s Graveyard and pay your respects to the many other retired tools. We’re betting another headstone will be popping up soon.

All opposition and feet-dragging aside, it’s out with the old and in with the new. This is likely to be a great update to our beloved Keyword Tool, and with a little adjusting, it might even feel natural one day. Let’s just hope that by that time, Google isn’t in the midst of yet another release.

Rest In Peace Google Keyword Tool. You will be missed.

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Jake Barker

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Jake is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Customer Magnetism. When he is in the office you can find him brainstorming or creating content strategies with coffee in hand and various bags of chips at his desk. He also enjoys snowboarding and turn of the century pop punk.