Heard it Through the Social “Vine”

vine logoTwitter introduced a new app with the new year. Vine is a mobile service released on January 24th that lets you capture and share short looping videos. Not unlike Tweets, videos on Vine are meant to be kept short (6 seconds or less), which inspires the users to be creative with their posts. You can read more about the new app on their blog and download it for free from the App Store. As of now the Vine app is only available for the iPhone and iPod touch. However, bringing the app to other platforms is in the works.

Now, like every other social network that comes around, businesses have snapped up the opportunity to use Vine as a marketing tool. Since it’s practically still in its infancy, how do you know what will be a good marketing strategy? What will totally bomb?

We’ll start with what NOT to do with Vine for your company’s marketing plans:

Try and cover too much ground: You only have six seconds to get your point across. If you don’t go into the filming with a game plan for your message, things could end up lost in translation. Make sure you know the message you’re intending to share. Keep that message short, sweet, and to the point! Your time is limited, so in-depth projects aren’t going to work for Vine. And make sure to take advantage of the sound. Vine allows you to incorporate sound into the clips, so use that to help describe the purpose and message.

Use it because it’s the next big thing: While it’s a good idea for companies to stay on top of the newest trends in social media, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to go there. Like you should with any other social media platform when it comes to marketing: get strategic. Come up with something creative and make the platform work for you in a way that adds value to your brand.

Now for what you should do:

Sneak peeks are in: Followers love a little teasing. This could be a great way to market your company’s new product, an upcoming edition, or something new happening to the company. Instead of using Vine for the reveal, you could use it to build anticipation and excitement. Reveal enough of the product, but leave some to the imagination. Need an example? Check out People Magazine’s use of the app:


Use the app to demonstrate new products: If your company is one that is frequently launching new products or service updates, then Vine may be the answer for you. Utilize the app to showcase new releases and upcoming products. Combine the use of the “sneak peek” with your new product reveal for a successful product launch. It can also be used as a reminder to clients that something new is available, so that they may be directed to your site to learn more. Check out this great example from Tech. magazine.

Create fun, appealing videos: Things that will really engage and capture your audience are vivid and fun. Make sure that the videos you make aren’t boring or overdone. Try and keep fresh ideas coming from your Vines. HubSpot does a great job of using Vine to create an eye-catching, yet informative video clip.

At Customer Magnetism, we used Vine to showcase the exciting components of our new, recently launched website.  Check it out!


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Sydney Banks

Sydney Banks is one of the Social Media Coordinators at Customer Magnetism. She spends her days in the office strategizing social media content, managing ad campaigns, and generating reports. Away from work, she stays busy entertaining an active Golden Retriever and being a wife and mom. She is only slightly obsessed with Minions and it’s not unusual to see minion paraphernalia close by at all times.