Halloween in the CM Office

It’s definitely Halloween here in the Customer Magnetism office. We’ve got a costume contest going on today with some great contenders and prizes!

customer magnetism at halloween

CM team members in costume

While outlaw zombies, post-apocalyptic fall-out gear, Nintendo characters, insurance mascots, and witches all make awesome costumes, there’s a whole array of perfectly office-appropriate costumes you can improvise with last minute.

Link builder: A link builder’s job may be complex, but a link builder’s costume doesn’t have to be. First, dress as a construction worker. For “links,” create a paper clip (or plain old construction paper) chain and wrap it around your shoulders.

angry google panda

Our designer, John. Don’t get Google Panda angry.

Google Panda: Simple black and white should do for a panda costume. Eavesdrop on every conversation and hush up anyone you think is talking too much about too little to complete the Panda Update style.

Link bait: Everyone loves top 10 lists, infographics, and kittens! Make up a few hand-drawn infographics, a nice link-baity article title (“Top 5 SEO Related Halloween Costumes,” for instance, or “10 Photos You Won’t Believe are Real,” etc.) and hook them onto a fishing pole.

Back-links: A back-link costume can be like a mullet in that it’s all business in the front, and party in the back. Just wear normal clothes with a website URL or logo on your chest. Cover your back with URLs, and you’ll have a nice back-link profile.

Troll: This one is the easiest, and we’re not talking about the trolls from fairytales. No one likes comment trolls hanging around, so to portray one flawlessly, make sure to not show up to any parties this year.

So from all of us at Customer Magnetism: Happy Halloween!


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