Google’s Winter Wonderlabs Open in Six Major US Cities

As the holiday season nips at our heels (Santa arrives in 35 days . . . *squee*!), Google has opened six holiday showrooms around select major U.S. cities including New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Chicago, and Washington DC. The pop-up showrooms, known as Winter Wonderlabs, will feature Google’s line of tech gadgets like Nexus tablets, Chromebooks, Chromecast, Google Play, and hey, maybe they’ve even got a few tricks up their tech giant sleeves . . . like a huge snow globe you can play in while simultaneously taking slow-mo video of yourself to share with friends on the internet!!!

Most Wonderlabs locations opened November 16th and will close before Christmas—giving Google a little more than a month to fortify its standing in the hardware market. Word has it that Google’s Winter Wonderlabs will not serve as retail environments like the tech retailers they’re modeling after, but instead will act as an interaction point for users. “The Winter Wonderlab is a fun and interactive way to experience all of Google’s new gadgets in one place,” the company said on the website.