Google Zeitgeist ’09: We Are What We Search?

Is it just me, or is Google Zeitgeist 2009 just a cumulative reminder of the bizarre things that went on this year?

With the data Google released, we can see the fastest rising and falling searches this year, but for some reason – not the actual top searches. So while we recognize that more people were interested in Michael Jackson this year than they probably have been over all of his years since the late ‘80s, and chili has apparently suddenly gained popularity, Google has left us in the dark as to what actually topped their search charts in 2009. Weird.

Chart Provided by Google
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But as we take a trip down 2009’s memory lane, we remember Twitter’s lightening-speed rise to social power, Microsoft’s hilarious suggestion for Windows 7 launch parties, the tragic peanut butter recall, and the even more tragic fame of Lady Gaga (at least it looks like way more people are actually going to watch Taylor Swift in concert than Gaga. I say “at least,” but really, I’m not sure which I’d prefer. . .).

And while it’s not surprising that we’ve lost interest in the Olympics, it is a little humorous that 4 of the top 10 fastest rising images searches revolve around Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” empire, and that 3 out of those 4 are for images of fictional characters: Bella Swan, Alice Cullen, and Jacob Black.

Okay, maybe it’s also humorous due to the poster we have hanging up in our office with co-workers taking the places of some of these fictional characters.

I imagine not many could get away with doing this to their boss. I hope I can.

I imagine not many could get away with doing this to their boss. I hope I can.

In 2010, why don’t we challenge ourselves to search for really intelligent sounding things so years from now Googlers will look back and see we were interested in “fine wines,” “grand opera,” and “dissertations and theses on computational molecular biology.” Although now that I look back just on that sentence, I feel the first two would just make us look like a real-life episode of “Frasier.” Which wouldn’t be so bad, really.