Google Introduces Trending Top Charts, Gives Us Hot Searches for Past 30 Days

If you’re one of those people who just weren’t satisfied with an already overwhelming volume of data on the hottest search trends by year or month in Google Trends, Google has just released a couple of brilliant developments that are sure to blow your data loving mind!

Top Charts Knows What’s Up. Literally.

If you’ve ever explored Google Top Charts, you know that the data’s sorted into popular categories—for example, Actors, Animals, Baseball Teams, and so on. Top Charts can be viewed by month or year in order to see a preview of the top searches for that time frame.

Google Top Charts

With Google’s recent update to this tool, you now have access to trending topics within each category. This feature allows you to explore searches that are spiking in popularity, outside of what would be considered normal. To see these trending topics, simply select the grayed out arrow to the right of the category name (denoted with a green arrow), and you’ll see something like this:

Google Top Trending Charts

With Miley Cyrus, Lamar Odom, and Cats being clear exceptions (because hey, aren’t they always?), it’s pretty easy to see that August data as a whole doesn’t paint the best picture of what’s fetching the highest numbers right now, but the option to see what’s on the rise opens up a world of knowledge.

Hot Searches Now Ablaze

Top Charts is pretty helpful if you want to see an overview of most searched or trending topics, but if you want to know what’s hot right now, Google Hot Searches is where it’s at . . . and now it’s even better! Typically, Hot Searches shows us anywhere from five to twenty of the “hottest”, or most popular, searches for any given day, ranging from 50k searches to over 200k.

Here’s the top 3 so far for today:


Now with Google’s latest development, by clicking the calendar icon at the top right (denoted with a green arrow), you can see the absolute most popular topics for the past 30 days. Hovering over each block will display a card with information on the topic, including a link to Google search results, a link to other popular stories for the same day, an excerpt and link to a featured article, and even the option to share on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. Check out Hot Searches here.

Hot Searches for 30 days

That’s right, Internet: if your appetite is for the hottest of the hot, it’s about to be sweltering up in here.