A Black and White Affair: Google Penguin’s Anniversary

Happy anniversary to the beloved (or to some . . . begrudged) Google Penguin.

google penguin

One year ago today, Google released the Penguin update.  Since it’s birth, there have been two major updates: one on May 24, 2012, and one on October 5, 2012.  In the works is yet another update that is rumored to launch sometime this year.

That little furry guy has been up to some big things! Penguin affected only about 3.1% of all search queries (though according to Search Engine Roundtable, 65% of SEOs felt the burn) with the updates. A poll by Google shows that about 94% of those affected didn’t recover fully from the Penguin invasion.

While Penguin was intended to help clean up the spam, and has done so, it’s left a lot of website owners and marketers panting for breath to catch up.  The Penguin algorithm has done a great job as the spam-fighter; however, a lot of people worried about threats of negative SEO afterward.

Google insists that sites will recover naturally after being hit by Penguin, as long as spammy material is removed from the site.

A good start to get your site back on its feet after Penguin is from an article on SearchEngineLand:

  • “Clean up on-page spam you know you’ve done
  • Clean up bad links you know you’re been involved with, as best you can
  • Wait for news of a future Penguin Update and see if you recover after it happens
  • If it doesn’t, try further cleaning or consider starting over with a fresh site
  • If you really believe you were a false positive, file a report as explained here.

Be sure to look into Google Penguin Update Recovery Tips & Advice.

As we have said before, Google can make mistakes.  Rand Fishkin over at SEOmoz shows detailed options for what site owners should do to save themselves from Google’s wrath.

While the Panda update is refreshed monthly, Penguin is not updated as regularly.  The next update for Penguin has not been announced yet, but we can only imagine it will be soon, so get your site up to par!  Look for an upcoming Panda update as well.

In the meantime, here is a cute baby penguin hopping some stairs:

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    I just love the way penguin do on my SEO efforts. It is just so very unique how they created this. thank you for your post and effort. cheers.